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A fun family animal with animal viewing and handling, animal Music & Games, Animal Sports, Mask Making and Face Painting ............

The zoo that comes to you

172 children and 51 adults attended the animal handling shows. Over 100 children took part in the outdoor animal sports and other activities in tents dotted around Cumberland Market despite it being a very cold and windy day!

animal show

Back by popular demand…

Charles and Mike from Impeyan Productions made a return visit to the H Pod with 4 x 1 hour shows throughout the day, seeing an average of 40 children and 15 adults per show, all impressed by the animals and the layout of the show and energy of the main host Charles, he was full of energy and passion, remaining calm yet encouraging.

From Children...

I liked about Tuesday when all the animals came and I held the owl. The Activities were really fun when you had to work as a team. Fatama

children with a snake and meerkat

I liked best when the Meer cat put its nose in my ear. What I didn’t like was that I didn’t get to hold the frog. I would like to see next time a black capped squirrel monkey!!! Hana

My favourite activity was zoo comes to you, cause I held a baby alligator! It was so much FUN!!!! Also went to the Sobell Centre and I enjoyed trampolining! I wish we went to the aquarium. Flaka

On Tuesday I loved it. Because it had face painting, animals and sports. I thought it was wicked and cool.Elina

From Parents...

On Tuesday I loved the animals because you can’t really enjoy the nice facts of insects that live in the wild and you can’t see about in the wild because we live in England. My favourite part was holding a frog which was a lovely experience and it helped me not get scared of animals. My most scary part was touching a crocodile I enjoyed it because it was fun and you can meet new people I will rate it 5 stars.

The Tuesday’s activity was fun. The children were very excited. Apart from fun and excitement it was as well very informative. My kids enjoyed a lot especially when they were given the chance to gently stroke the animals.