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Our Just Us! Show was performed by children of the Regents Park Estate, NW1, to inspire and enthuse the world! on Thursday 27th October 2011 to full houses at the New Diorama Theatre. Our street dance classes are after school on Fridays at the H Pod. Why don't you come along and join us?

jus us dvd cover We have produced a DVD of the one hour Just Us! Show that is available for only £2 members.

just us show

I love dancing and everyone is so nice here.
Everyone who dances here has made so much progress including my little sister.
She really enjoys it here. I wouldn’t blame her!
Spending time at the H pod is worth it!

By Gresa

just us show

I love dance …
Well… I love dance …
Dance means the world to me!
I mean, since I started dancing at the H pod.
I started bugging my parents to let me go at 4:30pm.
Better stop chatting. Let’s get on with the Show!

By Flaka

just us show

If we didn’t go to the H Pod, you wouldn’t see our talent!
Thanks to Mia and Mariam,
this show wouldn’t have happened.
They put so much effort into it that
they crushed down like a water fountain.
Thank you to my mum who made me come to the H Pod.
It's so much fun.
When I went on stage, it made me feel great!

By Kelsie

just us show

The dance classes, the music, the experience,
When I am there, it feels as if I am part of something,
a group especially when I am with my dance partners.
Going to dance at the H pod
has somehow taught me something.
It brought me closer to all my friends
and just makes me happy to be me.
If I didn’t come here, no one would know about me!

By Besarta