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Welcome to our page. We are the children of the Time Bank who go to the H Pod for after school activities and the family activities programmes that run during the school holidays. We play, learn and create all at the H Pod. If you are between 0 and 11 years of age and live in the West Euston area why don’t you visit us!

West Euston Time Bank

Come to the H pod because its fun
Decorating the area
When you learn you confirm
We eat healthy snacks while
We watch hip hop dance
We get prizes when we play treasure
We read a slimey gooey science book
They made a stink bomb that disappeared and smelt like rotten eggs
We dance and act
Homework is fun
At Christmas everyone dazzled
Playing with puzzles
We are from different countries
You should come to the H pod because its fun

Written by the Time Bank children
from the Friday Afterschool Homework Club
11th March 2011 H Pod

a child photo 3 children photo